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countdown to #blogJune

So some of the major problems with this blog were fixed yesterday. Problems like ‘pages aren’t showing’. ‘Links aren’t working’. ‘Comments aren’t appearing’. But as far as I can tell, all of these have now been fixed. Yippee! And hooray! And “fire the cupcake cannons!” (all credit for this quote to Delilah S.Dawson, whose blogposts I’m rapidly falling in love with.) Now it’s the minor issues left to attend to; widgets not appearing so they can’t be edited, categories and tags needing major editing, permalink setting tweaking without the entire site breaking, you know. That sort of thing.

But this site of mine is now publishing the stuff I write, and it’s appearing, and now people can comment on this stuff too. Which is awesome!

And just in time. #BlogJune starts the day after tomorrow!

Ahhh. #BlogJune. My favourite time of the year for blogging. Because I actually make a concerted effort to blog daily, and to read the daily blogposts of friends (mainly Library friends) both near and far. We comment. We re-connect. Make new friends. You know how it goes. I love it. I feel like I’m keeping in touch with all things ‘Library’ – which, now I’ve graduated but am not yet working in a Library, is happy-making for me.

Posts by peeps doing #blogJune will not all be ‘Library’ ones. In fact, not all bloggers doing #blogJune will be peeps in the LIS space. That’s where it started, back when it was #blogeverydayofJune, but it’s grown into more than that. So, dear reader, if you have your own blog and want to challenge yourself to blog daily, then join us! Just blog daily – whatever topic you like – and tweet your post with the tag #blogJune. We’d love to have you aboard!