On wanting what you can’t have

This is my girl; hatched last July. Her name’s “Shell”, after the delicate darker colour edging her wing feathers.

She’s getting near breeding age, so at the markets recently I purchased a yellow male, around the same age. A gorgeous boy, he promptly received the name “Topaz” and all the way home, I envisaged how beautiful their babies would look.


Talk about counting chickens before they hatched! No sooner did Shell see Topaz but she formed an instant dislike. Bordering on hatred. Evidenced by her snapping at him, screeching at him and generally bullying him around their shared cage.


Topaz is now caged with another yellow hen (girl budgie), owned by Miss12. He’s happier with her – Havilah – and Havilah’s also quite pleased to be not out with the other budgies, getting bullied by them!

So. Today’s post is dedicated to Shell; not giving me what I want. [Yet…]

Have a great week, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn