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Sipping from the saucer #12

I work at a Christian school. The pastor of the church which established our school has a saying: “The LORD has blessed me so much, my cup is overflowing (taken from Psalm 23) and I’m sipping from the saucer.”

I like the visual, so I’m using it here, in this month-long blogging challenge focusing on the blessings God has poured out on me.

Today, blessing #12.

Miss13 and I have an… interesting relationship. I love her, and she loves me (I think) but we butt heads more often than not, and have ever since she turned, well, 7.

She turned 13 in January – which meant a later bed-time, significantly later than her siblings. Which also meant plenty of ‘Mummy-and-me’ time was there for the taking, should we want it.

And the thought hit me… Gilmore Girls!

A way to introduce ‘teenage’ concepts to my daughter in a way that she could (hopefully) relate to…

And it’s working! We’re now, mid-June, at the beginning of Season Five; and after a bit of a rocky start – the first few discs in Season One were a bit of a slog – she now asks to watch them each night, and we snuggle and watch and chat about the ideas and situations it presents, as ideas and situations which she may encounter at some point, now she’s a teenager and going-on-25 🙂

So today I want to acknowledge the decades-old American TV show, for the blessing it is to my relationship with my eldest.

And I hope you day today is a blessed one too, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn