Archaic words

I was writing a Facebook post a couple of days ago about the thunder I’d heard, and how my watertanks needed replenishing.

Which got me thinking about the verb ‘replenish’. ‘Re’ as a prefix indicates repetition, so ‘plenish’ should mean ‘to fill’, correct?

According to Google, yes. But it’s an ‘archaic’ verb, as in, not in common use any more. Sad, really.

Like the word ‘blare’. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard the verb being used, except in past tense; ‘the driver blared his horn’, or as an adjective ‘the blaring trumpets only increased the pounding in his head’.

I love archaic words. I’d like, if I could, to be part of their reintroduction into common use…

Want to help me?

And have a great day, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn