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A day late…

So I have data again; which is AWESOME! I can blog again, and not just use up the final remaining minutes I have left of my phone data!

This brings up a different issue however: blogging at my keyboard.

Specifically, typing at said keyboard.

Specifically, typing.

You see, I was rushing to work last week, and slammed the sliding door of my house too quickly – slicing the tip off the middle finger of my right hand.

I know, right? Ouchies much!

The most annoying thing: I type. A LOT! And I can’t use that finger because any pressure on the finger tip continues the ouchie-feeling for longer than I want it to.

Solution: type with all other fingers. Boy, are my ring finger and pinky getting a workout!


Oh – and I’m a day late at blogging June for Day 13. Whoops…

Here’s hoping you had a great day yesterday, dear Reader!

— KRidwyn