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30 must-read books – #17

I must admit, I’ve found this year’s #blogjune to be SO much easier than in previous years. Maybe because I’m finally getting into my stride with it? Or perhaps because in 2016 I’ve run with a theme? And I hesitate to say a third possibility: because I’ve been writing more (novels, newsletters, writing challenges, etc) that the writing is flowing more easily? Anyway, it seems to be working because we’re past the halfway mark and it’s only now lack-of-internet problems are rearing their ugly head, I’m worrying about how-and-where I can use public data supplies to continue this challenge. Not because of lack-of-ideas, or lack-of-time. And that realization makes me happy. (The lack of internet, far less so. But let’s keep this a happy blog post, huh?)

Anyway, after all that introspective waffle, on to my Book 17 of 30 must-read books. This week, it’s Christian titles I’m recommending, and who could go past Tim LaHaye and Jerry B.Jenkins’ Left Behind series?


This is an awesome series. The ‘end of the world’ scenario tends to cause a plethora of debate in Christian circles, but I’m glad that the approach taken by these authors stays true to one of the main interpretations of the rapture. I must admit, their interpretation (that the rapture occurs pre-Tribulation) concurs with my own, so I may be more easily impressed 🙂 That being said however, even if they’d written this series with a different interpretation (mid-Tribulation rapture, for example) I think I still would’ve included them on my ‘30 must-read’ list because their writing is so thoroughly compelling.

Have you read them? What did you think?

And have a fantastic day, dear reader!

– KRidwyn

PS I liked the ‘Left Behind – The Kids’ version too! Although admittedly, I haven’t finished the entire series, what I have read has left me in no doubt of their abilities to write masterfully for the MG / YA audience as well  🙂