black bags

A colleague asked me yesterday how I was travelling, saying that i looked exhausted. She mentioned that I had black bags under my eyes. Funny – because I’ve actually been sleeping more over the past week or so! I’ve been dreaming HEAPS over the last couple of nights though, and that’s something that I don’t usually do. So maybe that’s it? When I dream, I don’t sleep as well? Or something 😛

Anyway, I was reading 1 Samuel chapter 4 this morning. Not too much about Samuel himself, this chapter was about the Israelites – a couple of battles, where they were defeated, and a couple of deaths of the battlefield where people died through grief-related incidents. But what was significant? That the Ark of the Covenant was captured. This is the object that was the Holiest of Holy objects for the people – and they had taken it to war and let it be captured by their enemies.  How this must have destroyed their morale! Not only to have lost thousands in the two battles, but also their spiritual leaders, and on top of that, their most holiest of objects! How devastating must this have been!

In hindsight, they shouldn’t have taken it with them, putting it in “harm’s way”. I guess that they thought that if they ‘brought out the big guns’ that they couldn’t be defeated. A foolish thought – relegating the Ark of the Covenant to a ‘trumps’ hand in a game of cards. So they gambled. And they lost.

As a former gambling addict, I understand the whole idea of betting. Betting big. Betting unwisely, something that you’re not willing to compromise. Fortunately, I stopped before I got too foolish with it all. Monetarily, anyway. But how much do I gamble with, on a daily basis, things which are just as precious? With my relationships with those around me – colleagues as well as those closest to me? Even my relationship with my God? Sure is food for thought for today!

Anyway, thanks for travelling this journey we call ‘life’ with me – for sharing a few minutes of your time here on my site. And have a great day, dear reader!!!

— C