inbox insanity

I have a few email accounts. One I started back in 2009 when I founded – and unfortunately, it’s been hovering around the 1000-emails-in-the-inbox for months. A lot of months.

Another I started about eighteen months ago, when I decided to rebrand myself online, because ‘Ceridwyn’ is too problematic. So I called myself KRidwyn, and got a new email address. Shortly thereafter, I then decided that it wasn’t particularly appropriate to send marketing business emails through to a personal sounding email address, so I made my latest, and most frequently used, email address.

I also have a old, and rarely touched, yahoo account – and unfortunately two of my clients have insisted that they give me email addresses on their own internal systems… and then, I got yet another email address when I started back teaching again in January this year.

Add that all up, and that’s a heck of a lot of email addresses. And emails into inboxes. And time spent checking said email inboxes. Sigh.

But I’m proud of myself.

This afternoon, I got my goodoldtalk email address down to less than 325 emails. Ecstatic about that one. My KRidwyn address is down from the almost 200 mark, to now being all on one page, under 50, and – wonder of wonders – my main, marketing email inbox, is down from 80-odd, to less than FIVE.

How awesome is THAT?!!!

SOOOOOO  darn stoked with myself!!!