My cherubs – #blogJune post 21

I am in love with my kids. All three of them – Miss 8, Miss 5 and Mr 4. To watch them play happily together, to watch them learn and discover and grow and just ‘be’ – is one of my favourite things. To snuggle them close (especially when they’re wearing their super mega soft dressing gowns that I bought them the other week) is like heaven on earth. I love listening to them singing; I love watching them read, and draw, and dance, and play music. I love watching them eat (especially when they appreciate healthy food!) and listening to them eat (ahh – silence!) and I love slipping quietly into their rooms at night when they’re asleep, watching them breathe and marvelling at just how truly blessed I am to be able to look after them, for this time in their lives. Yes – I love my kids. To bits.

Except when they decide to fight.