Yes, I know that’s not a word. I know that the noun form for the verb ‘to be anxious’ is ‘anxiety’. But the word ‘anxiety’ is too strong a word for what it is I’m trying to describe. It has too many negative connotations – as do the words ‘angst’, ‘nervous’ and even just ‘nerves’. When it’s really just a ‘twinge of a nerve’ that I want to decscribe. But again, that last one has meanings and associations with the physical body – with a singular nerve – that I’m not after, so back to ‘anxious-ness’ it is. Sorry about that!

And anyway… I have a meeting this morning. With a potential client. So I’m feeling a little twinge (yeh, I like *that* word!) of anxiousness. Many and varied reasons – but still, they’re there.

And that’s what I wanted to share with you this morning. Have a great day, dear reader!