Of cars and money – #blogJune post 13

What seems like ages ago now, but which was probably only a year or so ago, the State government in its wisdom decided to close access to the highway near my house. Meaning that, instead of all the houses in my immediate neighbourhood being able to drive where we want to, and where we have been able to ever since our area was first developed over 30 years ago, we all have to dirt-road it, and drive an extra 10 to 15 mites, each and every single trip.

Unfortunately, such hard wear finally caught up with my beloved car recently. I hadn’t realised deeply I felt about my car until I was without it for a week. Man! What a MAJORLY HUGE HASSLE that week was!!! Not helped by the fact that Hubby’s car was also booked in for a service in the middle of that same week. Three kids, appointments in all directions, booster seats to move between cars – even stuff left in boots of cars that was desperately needed for various activities – it all added up to a pretty extensive headache.

Still an’ all, I now have my car back. Which is awesome. Very happy about that one.

Pity about the money it cost though…