The getting of wisdom – #blogJune post 8

Today is the 19th of June. That means that I’m 39 years and 12 days old. Which means that it’s about time, according to my body, to cut a tooth.

Yup. My upper right wisdom tooth is starting to make an appearance.

I must admit, it feels pretty weird! To feel, in my own mouth, what I could feel in my kids’ mouths just a couple of years ago! (Well, for Mr 4, that is. For Miss 8, it was a bit longer…!)

Hubby suggests removal. His wisdom teeth came through sideways, and took the chair, the lovely strawberry-smelling gas, and (from memory) well into thousands to dollars. I propose that this one not take the same.

Actually, all I can think of (besides the obvious ‘really?? I’m wise *now*???!!!’ line) is what I heard about Bonjela (the toothache rub) a few years back – almost as Mr 4 had finished teething. It was one of those Current Affairs programs that I generally avoid, and they were airing an expose (and right now I’m searching my keyboard for that little flicky thing that goes over that last e in ‘expose’, but I can’t find it, so sorry guys! I’m saying it in my head! but back to the story now…) on Bonjela. They discovered that if you rub Bonjela onto the sore gums of teething infants, many decades later, some of them will get cancer. Yeh. Uh huh. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t watch those shows.

But what amused me was their suggestion. As in, to only use Bonjela teething gel on people over the age of 15.

“Really?!! How many 15 year olds get teething problems and need Bonjela?” I thought, my usual sarcastic self.

Well, remove foot from mouth, girl. I guess it *is* possible to cut a tooth after the age of 15. Me included. Although it’s taken me a heck of a lot longer than just at 15. And I’m probably going to manage without Bonjela, thank you very much. It’s not painful, it’s just an unusual feeling. And I think that perhaps I don’t really want cancer. 🙂

Have a great day, dear reader!