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Here we go – my first post on THIS blog!!!

It’s been a week (okay, just over!) since my last post. A lot has happened:

– has been launched – and that’ll be the place where this blog will move to. So yes – this will be my last post from this address (and I’ll have to work out how to re-direct traffic from here to there automatically. Chalk up yet another job to the ever-growing list, huh?) but I’m pretty excited about getting my *own* real estate online, as it were. So hopefully, dear readers, you’ll join me over there?

– in the move from this URL to that one, we discovered that it’s impossible to just hit ‘export’ and get all the site content moved across to the new place. Sure, it’ll move all the text, but bad luck if you had images that you wanted on there. So unfortunately, is devoid of pretty pictures. At the moment. (And another job to do…)

-GoodOldTalk, the website I run for Seniors, finally was able to make it back online after being offline for over seven weeks. Which was a HUGE relief, but now leaves me with a lot of stuff to clean up…

– I was able to get the countertop material for BOTH my kitchen and my bathroom and my ensuite (which hasn’t even been built yet) for a HUGE discount; so I’m majorly stoked about that one!

– Miss 8 was finally diagnosed with dyslexia (which I *knew* she had! but no-one believed me…) and she was also diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome as well – so that was pretty cool. Once the diagnosis is made, you can do something about it, huh?!

– Miss 5 decided that she didn’t know how to ‘do things properly’ so she’s been asking us all week “how” to do the simplest of things, like brush her teeth etc etc etc! She wants to learn how to do them better, I guess… and…

– Mr 4 decided that not only could he sit on the toilet – but he could also tell me when he needed to go!!!!! This caused a HUGE celebration!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, now it’s time to head into what is shaping up into another huge one. And it’s got me thinking: maybe I should just accept that fact that this life *is* the new ‘normal’ – and just get on with it all?

What do you think?


5 replies on “Here we go – my first post on THIS blog!!!”

G’day C. Congratulations on getting the GOT image-posting function active again.
Now, forget about the house-work. You’ve earned a rest … so put the tootsies up for the week-end and blot blogs and web-sites from your mind.
Instead, think hard about the probability that you have over-stretched yourself with the zeal for work, whilst under-developing your ability to emulate ‘walking on water’.


Hi there Rob! Great to hear from you – and THANK YOU for being my first commenter, here on my *new* blog!
As always, your comments make me smile. Housework – huh?! Who has time to do *that*!!! (No, really. You should see the state of my house!) And ha-ha to the:
“over-stretched yourself with the zeal for work, whilst under-developing your ability to emulate โ€˜walking on waterโ€™”
… I’ll only live once, so I may as well squeeze everything I can out of the experience, don’t you think?! ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks again for your comments. I’ll have to get you to draw me sometime – although you’d probably do some crazy woman tearing her hair out while screaming at her laptop, right?!!! And yes, that’s probably be accurate, I must admit…!

That is a lot to happen in one week. I’m glad the plans for remodelling your house have gone ahead! And I’d never heard of Irlen Syndrome before so I had a quick look at the Australian site and their text perception examples made me dizzy. I hope something can be done to improve Miss 8’s daily life and reading. Well done, Mr 4 and Miss 5!
I echo Rob – slow down a bit! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Julia! Thanks for your comments!!!
Firstly – yes (embarrassed smile here) this *was* an April 16th post. That’s how long I’ve been absent from my blog. So a lot has happened since then, too ๐Ÿ™‚
Miss 8 now has new, tinted glasses. Her classmates have been intrigued, but she’s getting used to them, and is fairly happy about it – but her reading confidence is growing exponentially, so I’m stoked about that! Miss 5 is also reading really well now, and Mr 4 is – wait for it – talking!!!!! Yay!!!
(oh yeh, and my new kitchen is almost complete – just waiting on the splashback tiling to be finished now…!)

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