After what feels like a week of being locked out of my own blog (but was probably only 4 days or so) I’m back in!!!

It’s been a trying last fews days, truth be told. I spilt blackcurrant juice over the lower part of the keyboard on my MacBook Pro last Friday, and have been feeling pretty devastated by the results. Yes – it still seems to be working – mostly… but the trackpad often just decides to do things all by itself, making working on it a MUCH longer (and MUCH MUCH MUCH more frustrating) process than I am used to!

So I’m tossing up options of what to do. It’s been packed in rice to absorb as much as possible – but I think to get it back to anything near resembling what it was, it’ll need to go away and be looked at. And I’m not sure that it’s worth it. Thoughts, anyone?

Also on Friday, I was cooking sausages for my kids dinner, lifted the lid of the saucepan just to check they were done, and one of the sausages ‘spat’ boiling oil up at me. Most landed on my clothes (completely wrecking one of my favourites tops. Sigh) but the worst of it was that some got the upper part of my face. I now have a black eye, that’s NOT caused through lack of sleep!!! And I feel stupid. And sore. And today’s a school day, so I’m pretty certain that large numbers of children in my two Grade 2 classes and three Grade 1 classes will be asking me ‘what happened to your face?’. Double sigh.

Oh well. Here goes. I need to get into my day; because it won’t wait for me, right?! So. Up & at ’em, I guess. Here’s to today, dear readers – and I hope that you have great days too!