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What’s in a name?

Hello. My name’s Ceridwyn Bloxham, and I write Hmmm…

Huh? What kind of name is “Ceridwyn”??!

That’s a fairly typical response from someone I meet. So here’s my explanation:

“It’s Welsh. As in, from Wales, near England. No, it’s not particularly common. Yes, it has a hard ‘k’ sound at the beginning, so no, please don’t think that it’s a different spelling for “Sheridan”. Yes, “Ce” says ‘k’ in the Welsh language. So it’s NOT like the way that the English pronounce their sporting team ‘the Celtics’ as ‘the Seltics’, because yes, they have it wrong.┬áThink of it like the name ‘Bronwyn’. It’s like that, with the wyn at the end, but a lot less common.”

“And ‘Bloxham’? That’s my husband’s name. Well, his fathers’ adopted family name, actually. It’s English.”

“My surname used to be ‘Davis’ – a very common Welsh name – which was a lot easier for people to spell. But now, I get to spell both names for people, instead of just the one.”

Okay – so that was rather long-winded, wasn’t it! So it’s no wonder, then, that my twitter handle is @KRidwyn. (By the way, feel free to connect with me on twitter; my latest tweets and a ‘Follow’ button are on the left sidebar, just over here <——————- ) My email address also replaces the ‘ce’ for the ‘k’. And… big announcement time… I’ve just gone ahead and purchased – which Hmmm…. will migrate to in the not too distant future (I hope!)

So – what’s in a name? Hopefully, this blog will be, eventually!

Have a great day, dear readers!!!