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Dodgy Internet


I live in the best place in the world. Seriously. It’s AWESOME!!! In fact, the ONLY negative thing about this place, is the mozzies. Yeh – they’re pretty bad.

It’s quiet and peaceful. You can hear the birds, and the rain on the tin roof, and yourself breathing (when the girls are at school, that is!). There’s power. There’s water (lots of it, at the moment! Praise God for full rainwater tanks and a full bore again!) and mail delivery and rubbish collection. No, there’s no town water. No, there’s no shop. In fact, there’s no street other than ours, in the suburb LOL! It’s pretty darn wonderful.

There’s no cabling down our street, either. Judging by how we were one of the last few to get our power on the other week, I doubt we’re too high on the priority list for the NBN. If we want internet, we use dial-up (yes, dial up!) or Wireless Broadband which comes from the more populated areas over in Caloundra. Which is fine with me. The web-based Bloxham Marketing business is more than happy to use Telstra’s 3G network.

The trouble only happens when it’s raining. Or humidity is greater than normal. Then the internet gets dodgy. And that’s annoying. I’m trying to get work done here, people!!! Boost your signal, will ya?!!

See you tomorrow, folks! Have an awesome day!!!


5 replies on “Dodgy Internet”

The thunder (trouble) only happens when its raining… That’s the FIRST thing that popped into my mind when I read that lol. Love it!

Hi – and thanks!!! “Mozzies” are ‘mosquitoes’. Tiny bloodsucking insects, that multiply by the thousands in any still water. Here in Australia, hey love living in ‘bush’ areas, with dense foliage, which is what we have here on our property. They make a high-pitched whine with their wings when they’re flying, so at night, if you have one in your bedroom, you can’t sleep because of the sound, and the knowledge that you’ll get bitten!
Oh – and thanks for checking out my blog!!! Have an awesome day today 🙂

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