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Getting it right…

I got a few comments on my last blog post. Which was a surprise, because I had forgotten that I’d scheduled it to post publicly; I thought that I’d set it to ‘private’. Reason being: it wasn’t finished! I’d planned on finishing off the story of ‘the rest of the day’, adding in photos of me & the cherubs, where relevant, and making some sort of conclusion at the end of it al, some kind of reflection on the day as a whole.
Trouble was, I got sick. Then I got sicker. And I’m still coughing a week later, and feeling a lot weaker than I’d like to! Oh well. I’m on the mend, so that’s a good thing!
Now. Photos!

20121211-150117.jpg This lizard sat next to Miss 7 during the Croc show, at which Miss 4 was delighted that we were so close to the birds

Seeing a wombat





And a couple of giraffes20121211-151100.jpg
And then (trying to) feed well-fed kangaroos 20121211-151851.jpg



but having more success feeding an elephant!












Then we said “hello” to the cheetahs

before a final climb on the giant croc!


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