Today is the 19th of November, 2012. It is a new day, it is a special day. Today will see – with God’s grace! – the continuation of the 18th year of my marriage.


Yesterday was the 18th of November. On that day, way back in 1995, I married my dearest, best friend in St Mark’s Church, Dunwich, at 12.15pm. It showered in the morning, cooling down what would otherwise have been a hot, humid late Spring day – but causing some consternation for our friends and family, arriving by various Water Taxis and at various times, to North Stradbroke Island for our nuptial ceremony.

Yesterday we celebrated our 17th Wedding anniversary. 17 years. According to convert, that’s 6211 days. You could also count them as 149, 064 hours; or 8,943, 840 minutes; or even as 536, 630, 400 seconds. Any way you look at it, it’s a lot of time. Time that’s gone. Time that’s passed. Time that marked the first 17 years of our marriage.

Today is the first day of our eighteenth year. The first day of the next chapter; the first day of the rest of our lives. And I’m praying that the next 17 years – and the 17 after that – the 17 after that – and the 17 after that one again! – are just as amazing as the last 17 were. Thank you, my dearest, for being a truly wonderful person, for sharing your last 17 years with me. I love you and look forward to the rest of this incredible journey that we’re on!!!

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Wow!!! Congratulations!!!!
And just because I’m nice, I also thought that I’d point out that I was only 6 when you got married (I’m now 23) 😛

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