family anecdotes

Dumb move. Real dumb.

Don’t you hate it when you hear yourself saying something, and as the words leave your mouth you instantly know you’ve said the wrong thing? You mentally kick yourself for saying it, but by the time you realise what’s just happened, the damage is done. Even if you’d like to take it back, it’s impossible. No matter how hard you try! The mistake is irreversible.

That was me, just last week. I guess it *is* a funny story though…

It all started when one of my best friends invited me and my family to her place for dinner. She had thought that my girls will be entranced by the guinea pigs that she had just bought for her three kids, but they were far more taken by her fish tank. You see, we have two tanks (mine and Miss 7’s) but our tanks are nothing like hers. Compared to hers, ours appeared dull and lifeless. Hers looked like an aquatic paradise!

One of the main differences was the sheer amount of weed in her tank, that made it look so interesting, and fun to watch the fish darting around, and (apparently!) playing ‘Tiggy’ and ‘Hide and Seek’. So the following day, the kids and I visited a local pet shop.

Unfortunately, this particular pet shop had its ‘Live weed’ tank separated quite a distance from the fish tanks. In fact, it was adjacent to a large cage full of newborn kittens. And yes, you can probably tell where this story is heading. Yes, the kids came with me to look at what the ‘shop guy’ was doing. Yes, they got bored because it was just a tank of weed, and there weren’t any interesting fish to look at in said tank. Yes, they started whingeing. So yes, I *did* try to distract them by pointing out the kittens. As in, the same kittens which they had, up until that point, been *completely* and *utterly* oblivious to.

Long story short, it would seem that we now have to buy a kitten for our family. Yay…

Oh – and this is my tank, with $25 worth of weed to make it more interesting. Yes – it doesn’t go too far when it’s such a large tank! Hopefully though, it’ll grow… LOL!