Taking it easy… kinda

Today marks the first Monday of Spring 2012. Weekdays for me are normally rush, rush, rush, go, go, go- but this #Springinyourstep concept is challenging me to take things slower and actually APPRECIATE the world, and the people, around me. It’s Spring! It’s not just another Monday, but it’s the first Monday in Spring!!!
So my first #Springinyourstep tweet today was about snuggling with Mr3 pre -6am. He was being very cute. Lucky, because last night was rather a sleep-deprived one, courtesy Miss 4. But the tweet got me thinking… although it was indeed a tweet showing positivity, showing appreciation, it wasn’t really a tweet about Spring!
That, and a tweet this morning from @DramaGirl suggesting that she was torn between gardening and working, and the beauty of the weather today, changed my plans today. Today, I gardened. (Well, until lunchtime.) and I enjoyed it! (This is normal for me though, I *do* enjoy gardening… One of the reasons why we’re on acreage in the first place!)
So I gardened, with the help of Mr3. It was wonderful. And later, when I sat outside with my laptop and worked, looking out was just SO heavenly!

It was still work, my muscles are definitely noticing it now, but it was a different kind of work, and all the more enjoyable for being outside on such a gorgeous day.
So now, I’m again outside. It’s 6.40pm and quite mild. And I’m heading out tonight. Not to a meeting (yay) but to catch up with one of my closest friends. SOOOOOO stoked!!!
So, have a lovely evening, dear readers, (I plan to!) and I shall see you all tomorrow!