Random thoughts

So what are *you* watching?

I own the first 5 seasons of “House M.D.” on DVD. Being a “Becker” fan (yeh, okay, a while back now) I enjoyed the taciturn-doctor-who-actually-did-care-about-his-patient-in-spite-of-pretending-not-to character, and I really felt as though Hugh Laurie embodied this far more than he did the father in “Stuart Little”!!! But that being said, life got busy, the episodes started getting far too similar for my liking, the House -Cuddy relationship got too soapy, and so I lost track of it for a while. But I noticed that it was back on a couple of weeks ago, so thought I’d start watching it again. And then it finished! As in, for good!
Oh well, I guess all things need to come to an end. And when I think about it, I wasn’t the most impressed of people at the ending they chose. House “dying” in a building fire, and then spending the remainder of Wilson’s life riding around on Harleys (of course, with the stereotypical ‘ride into the sunset’), with no ability to then reclaim his life because he’d faked his own death… I found it all a little trite, to tell the truth.
Not so the ending of Season One of “Once Upon a Time”. Now *that* was an intriguing ending to a brilliant first season, and I’ll confess it now, I’m addicted. I was extremely impressed with the cleverness of the script, the cast choices (yes, I also liked that Jennifer Morrison was a main character; I had missed her after her exit from “House”) the locations, and the entwining of the fantasy world with the ‘real’ one. So much so, watching this on TV meant that when Hubby took me to the “Snow White and the Huntsman” I found it extremely disappointing. Even more so, that I’d spent money for the privilege of being disappointed! (Lucky I’d passed on the Julia Roberts version of the fairy tale, a few weeks earlier!) But yes, I really liked this first season, and am looking forward to the next. And if Hubby doesn’t take my “I want you to buy this for me for Christmas” hint, then, dear readers, feel free to oblige! LOL!

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