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Passing the torch… um, I mean, violin…

So I play violin. I started learning way back in Year 3, which means I’ve now been playing for 31 years. (Man, I sound old when I put it like that! I don’t feel old! Or act it, either… I think?) and I’m pretty good at playing violin. Not being boastful, but I can hold my own. I teach it, and I play at church in one of the music teams.
I played last Sunday. My kids love it when I play, they dance along to the music, and Miss 7 hums or sings the tune if she knows it. Last Sunday, after church, I was telling her how she was very talented musically, and she decided that she wanted me to teach her violin. (A bit of history: she has her own violin that I bought for her when she was 5. I tried teaching her then, but we just butted heads non-stop, so we both lost interest very quickly!!!) so I said “sure”, and we started then and there.
She was SOOOOOOO super-keen!!! Perhaps it was because she was older too, but nonetheless, she was a lot more focused, a LOT more patient and willing to listen ( and I was probably a lot more of a patient teacher too!) But whatever it was, it worked. and it’s continued to… she’s been enthusiastically practicing every day. And making me so very very very proud!!!