Sunshine and toys

It’s Wednesday morning; ECDP and Speech Therapy morning. Work happened earlier, I think my clients are getting used to emails dated pre -6am!
Hubby and I were talking about my ‘return to work’ (ha!)
yesterday. The original plan was that I stay home with the kids, and Miss 4 would start Prep next year (2013) and Mr 3 the following year. Then St Paul’s offered a Pre-Prep class for next year; and so then Hubby’s plan became ‘all three kids at school next year / Ceridwyn returns to full-time teaching’.
Trouble is, Mr 3 won’t cope with Pre-Prep in six short months time. And I certainly can’t see him coping with Prep just 12 months later!
I was thinking about this earlier in the day… how his progress in the last couple of months has been amazing… but he is still SOOOOOOOO far ‘behind’ his peers. He has maybe a dozen spoken words (intelligible by others, not just me, and only when in context); he has zero interest in toilet training, he spits out his food as often as eat it, he tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way, and so on and so on and so on. We were looking at a book this morning, and the thought crossed my mind that ‘I hope he reads, one day’. Then I realised what I was thinking and I teared up. The thought that my boy might not read…!??! I never would have expected that one day I would ever have questioned the possibility!
Very sad. And the next thought, possibly sadder still. That he wouldn’t even know what he was missing.
Still, as I sit here in the sunshine, watching Mr 3 play with toys at the ECDP, talking with a parent of a Downs Syndrome child, and looking around to see other children with other various special needs, I think that ‘parenting is parenting’. You just do your best, hey.


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You are doing a fabuous job as a ‘parent’. I admire your strength and enjoy your writings which I then take to prayer. God bless.

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