Seizing the moment

It’s 1.31am according to my iPhone, on which I’m currently writing. I’m patiently waiting for my brain to switch off so that I can sleep. It’s quiet, my bed is comfy and my doona is warm. But my brain is wide awake, so so am I.
Having just read several of yesterday’s #blogjune posts, I thought I might get a head start on today’s. Here goes…
My youngest child turned 3 back in March. Around the same time, he was officially diagnosed with Autistm, which I’d suspected for a few months prior but didn’t want to admit. Now, he attends the Early Childhood Developmental Program at Talara Primary College, and has speech therapy on a weekly basis. Once he’s communicating slightly more successfully, we’ll add weekly sessions of an OT and possibly also a Psychologist into our routine. And his big sister, who recently got glasses, will also be starting Vision Therapy in a few weeks time. I’m not entirely sure how all this is going to fit into my work (being a self-employed marketing consultant, I pretty much work 7 days a week…) and my commitments as a wife and mother (not to mention student in MIT(LIS) !) but I’m sure God’s got all that worked out for me.
Anyway, the reason I’m up at what is now 1.43am is that Mr3 is coming down with a severe head cold. And he doesn’t like it too much when his nose is runny. So he screams. Which is what happened (lots) when he woke up at 11.43pm and realised that his nose was runny.
I got up to him, thinking that maybe I could give him some Panadol, or some of the Brauer’s Cold and Flu Relief that he likes… But no. He wasn’t quite awake enough to understand that I was trying to help him; he was only awake enough to scream. Loudly. And trying to explain to an autistic three year old that we need to be quiet because it’s the middle of the night and everyone else is trying to sleep…? Well, that’s pretty difficult.
In the end, a couple of tissues made it all better, and he happily returned to his room, quietly this time. But, for me, the damage was done. I’ve remained awake, tossing and turning and tweeting and surfing the blogosphere… And now blogging myself. Waiting, waiting, waiting for sleep to come!
Oh well. It could be much worse. Thinking back to the beginning of my 2011 #blogjune journey, it was full of post-midnight entries due to a vomiting but that went right through the family. Give me head colds to deal with any day!!!

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Vomiting *bug*? Lol, I forgive you, it was written at a ridiculous hour. Just like all my assignments have been my entire life hehe

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