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The star.

This morning, Miss 7 performed in her class’ “School Sunday”. She did great, in spite of bags under her eyes from an interrupted night’s sleep. She had come into our room around midnight and woken me up, full of nerves about her upcoming performance. Not that she was worried about her own part, forgetting it, stage fright, or similar… rather, she was worried for the others in her class, and that as a whole, they would disappoint their teacher.

This morning came, she performed with her peers, and very few (if any!) mistakes were made.

Afterwards, I happened to be talking with her teacher, congratulating her on coordinating an excellent performance, and mentioning Miss 7’s night-time anxieties. The teacher laughed, and said that Miss 7 had been the star student in this whole process. Every rehearsal, she did exactly as she was told, she learned her lines exactly and spoke them confidently and with great projection – she set the best example for the whole year level.

What praise!!! What a fantastic kid I have!!!

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