Not the best start

It’s Boxing Day. Early. Courtesy Master Two in the next bedroom who decided to wake up screaming at 4.35. Thanks, little man! Not exactly what I was hoping for when I finally crashed at just gone midnight. (I thought I’d better have a *fairly* early night as the two previous ones were the ‘past 1am’ variety.) So I was hoping for at least another hour or so, but instead I got to time to think. Reflect that another Christmas is over. Write a Boxing Day shopping list.
Plan my day.
And then I decided to check my HootSuite streams. (Am REALLY starting to like the convenience that my iPhone brings!)
And a conversation between @fionawb and @katiejf made me realize that I missed #blog12daysxmas yesterday. Whoops!!! Somehow in the busyness of the day, I didn’t even turn on my computer! So here I am, tardy but apologetic and raring to go.
I’m starting to notice that that’s actually my attitude to a lot of things in life, actually. “Bring it!” enthusiasm, perseverance, “get it done, and do it right” kind of thinking. Which I guess I’m kinda happy with, cos it gets things done.
Case in point – my son’s scarf. (Wha – huh??! It’s summer, silly!!! 25 degrees outside!! Yeah, I know. I’m getting there!)
I blogged some time back about the happy completion of my eldest’s crocheted blanket. It had taken five years, so finishing it was rather noteworthy! But to appease Miss Three, I immediately started (and finished within a few days) a scarf for her. It used the identical pattern to the scarf I had made for Miss Six some time earlier, so she was rapt.
A number of months later now, and I’m about a fifth of the way through her crotcheted blanket. (Not bad going, if I do say so myself!) But I’ve made nothing yet for Master Two. And I like to be fair as much as possible, so I decided late Christmas Eve to try making him a scarf too. Had some spare blue wool with me, so thought I’d give it a go. Try and finish it in time to get it into his stocking on *the big day*.
And I did. Considering I’m single-mum-ing it at the moment (the surf’s going off its nut back home, so hubby’s enjoying it for a day or so) with three kids under seven, I’m pretty stoked with my efforts. (Admittedly, he didn’t finish unwrapping the gifts in his stocking until early evening, so I had yesterday to work on it as well! But it got done. Tassels and all!)
So that was my Christmas. Scarf-making at the beach, at home in the bedroom, in front of the TV and at the meal table, in the midst of dressing, cooking, cleaning, treasure hunting, arbitrating, negotiating, and all of the other ‘ing’ stings I did yesterday. Phew!
So now it’s on to Boxing Day, and I’m up for another day packed full of fun and busyness. How ’bout you?