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Today I took Mr 2 to the doctor. I poured out my concerns regarding his extremely slow speech development and his inability to cope when told “no” or “don’t”. About how in the last three weeks he’s developed the habit of hitting himself very hard on his knees when he knows he’s done the wrong thing, like he’s smacking himself. About the high-pitched scream he’s developed when he doesn’t like something or if he’s thwarted in what he wants to do.
I mentioned his sleeping problems, his digestive problems, his extreme sensitivity to temperature change, for example when being given a bath or my attempts for him to use the potty.
About the fact that he’s only started looking me in the eyes in the last six months or so. About how he’s never wanted cuddles, and in fact he has only voluntarily given me a handful of hugs and two kisses in his entire life.
The doctor agreed with me, that these certainly do seem like signs of mild autism. And he wrote a referral to a paediatrician and sent it immediately. So now, I guess, I get to take my second step in what may turn into a very long journey, me and my boy.
I guess every journey has to start somewhere.
Thanks for letting me share with you, dear readers.