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“Good Friday” – a day for faith

So today is Good Friday – the day that Christians remember the Saviour who died for our sins, so that we might not have to bear their penalty. Today, for me, is the day that takes most ‘faith’. To actually BELIEVE that there was a man, who lived over 2000 years ago, who was crucified, and who, after He was dead and buried in a tomb, rose again, conquering death, and now lives so that, should we put our trust (our ‘faith’) in Him, we too might not have to die, but can know that after our death we too will ‘rise’ and live for eternity in a place with no tears, no hunger, no pain.

I don’t write about my faith too much. But I’m a Christian and proud of it. I love that my faith is secure in Him who created the entire Universe, who created me, and who loves me far more than I could ever love myself.

Each day, one of my friends from Chancellor Park Community Church and I read a chapter of the Bible and discuss it in a forum she set up. She’s currently working over in Papua New Guinea (she’s a doctor) and will be there for the next two months. She’s missing her home and her husband terribly, suffering a little from culture shock and the realisation that practising medicine over there is COMPLETELY different to practising it here – and yet her forum entries are so uplifting and so full of faith and encouragement, they’re astounding.

So today, I feel like sharing here with you one of my forum responses of a couple of days ago. I had just read Thessalonians Chapter 3.

“Again, what an amazing chapter full of encouragement!

I’ve been thinking recently just how easy it is to be discouraged. How negativity and toxic self-talk can bring us down so easily and so effectively. I’ve come to realise that we have really only two options when it comes to the crossroads – we can face it (the negativity) and grow strong; or give in to it – the easier option but the one which restricts us and weakens us and in the end destroys who we are / who we want to be / who we could be. I guess it just comes back to faith, doesn’t it?! Faith in Him that He can grow us to be the people that we could be. Faith that we never encounter more than we can handle. Faith that we are where we are meant to be, and doing what we are meant to be doing, and that all things are in His hands – which is the safest place for them, anyway!
Be encouraged today, Bek. You are a wonderful person, doing exactly what God wants, and where He wants, and your being there and doing that, and sharing your journey with me here on a daily basis, is a true source of both encouragement and inspiration to me. I trust that He who we both serve will walk through today with you, and pray that your day today might be truly a wonderful one.”

That’s my prayer for you too, dear readers. That your day today might be a truly wonderful one – whether or not your share my faith with me and the many others who remember what happened on this day ever so many years ago. Have a wonderful day.

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