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Argh! Missed another! #BlogJune Day 16

And there’s actually no ‘good’ reason for missing yesterday’s, either! In fact, I was part-way through writing it, yesterday morning, but got distracted. And never came back, obviously 🙁

Oh well. I’m going to choose to be kind to myself rather than ‘beating myself up’ about it. There’s always today.

So here’s what I was thinking I’d share with you for today’s post: a haiku I made up this morning while feeding Kiya her breakfast. Poem inspired by a conversation with my Miss19, after whose words I’m choosing to title it. And a disclaimer: this is BAD haiku. As in… you’ll probably hate it. Sorry in advance if you do! But I find it highly amusing. So here goes:

Brain rot (?)

YouTube, TikTok meme

Sigma Meals: Skibidi Sliders!

I am the Rizz Lord.


So… whatcha think? Bad haiku, hey. I mean, who’s ever heard of an 8-syllable middle line?! Really!

Okay. I’ll show myself out. See you tomorrow, folks! (Hopefully!)

– KRidwyn



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