#AtoZchallenge Day 8 – my most fun ‘H’ tongue-twister

My theme for 2018’s  #AtoZchallenge is… tongue-twisters. Fun, yes?

So last week was ‘A’ through to ‘G’ – a couple I borrowed, but the others I made up. Today’s tongue-twister, ‘H’, is another borrowed one, because (having just finished reading WATERSHIP DOWN the other day) this one really amused me! Especially the final line (not that that’s about ‘H’, exactly…!)

The hairy hare stares at the hairier hare; and the hairier hare stares at the hairiest hare. Here we have a three-hare stare affair.

Tongue twister courtesy Rick41 on – I hope you liked it? And have a great day, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn

[The #AtoZchallenge is a daily blogging challenge which has been running for quite a few years now, with hundreds of participants worldwide. Blogging happens each day in April except Sundays, and on each letter of the alphabet, starting at A and finishing with Z.]

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Thanks Su-sieeemac! Yes, I’m choosing (or attempting to write!) ones which I can say quickly myself… and which hopefully aren’t too inane 🙂

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