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J is for ‘job’

The regular reader of this blog may remember that I started a new job this year.

Head of Middle School at Caloundra Christian College.

I have well over one hundred 11 to 14 year olds to be responsible for. That’s a lot of hormones!

It’s been fun. So far, I’ve laughed and cried, exulted and been furious, enjoyed every second and wanted to tear my hair out with frustration. And that’s just before Morning Tea each day! Just kidding.

It’s been a wild ride, and I’m loving it. As a Christian, I *do* feel ‘called’ to the position, and I also feel as though I’m making a difference in the lives of the majority of the children in my care. And that gives me such a feeling of satisfaction!

But it’s also been far busier than I’d expected. So much so, that my writing has fallen seriously by the wayside. I knew it would – but not quite to this extent. No matter. This #AtoZchallenge is helping me get back some writing mojo – and when April finishes, I have JUSTINE BROWNING AND THE MEDDLING MERMAN to complete. Hopefully by Mother’s Day, which is the challenge I’ve set myself.

But school starts back next week after the two week Easter break, so it’ll be interesting to see if things go to plan…

Anyway, have a great day, dear Reader, and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with ‘K’ !

— KRidwyn

2 replies on “J is for ‘job’”

I’m curious if your middle schoolers follow your blog? Hmmm, that’d be a little scary. I know a couple authors who teach middle school and they took a pseudonym so their students wouldn’t know the books (romance) they were writing.

Hi John 🙂
It wouldn’t worry me if they were [hi kids!] because there’s nothing on here I wouldn’t also share with them face-to-face.
Hence my giving you the word ‘xyster’ for *your* blog – because the fiction I wrote for last year’s #AtoZchallenge was like your ‘mower’ post. WAY too dark for publication on here!

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