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H is for ‘hammer’

Which is what I used for a goodly part of the day.

After my early morning gym session, my time spent gardening, and then ensuring that my three cherubs *were* in fact up and had broken their fasts, our friend Charlie arrived – he of the building and installing our lovely kitchen a few years ago. He arrived laden with cabinets and toe kicks, ready to install the internal shelves of the cherubs’ bedroom wardrobes.

Cue the hammer. And my part in today’s labour (because no, the gym session and the gardening weren’t enough) which involved the demolition work of the old shelving.

Whoa. The lovely gentleman who built our house, built it GOOD. As in, I swear he had shares in the glue company. Shelves were coming off ATTACHED to their shelf supports (quick flashback to the demo of our original kitchen, where we just decided, rather than chipping off the tiles glued to the gyprock, to just cut out the whole section of gyprock and replace it with new stuff).

So, several hours and an equivalent number of knots in my back muscles later, the cherubs all have new wardrobe internals. They’re happy. I’m happy. And sore. And a little more broke than I was yesterday.

Oh! Note to self: go pay Charlie!

Have a great day, dear Reader 🙂