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30 must-read books – #1



Sailor Edmond Dantes wants revenge. Wrongfully imprisoned on the day of his wedding, he has spent over 14 years in horrific conditions. Now, the death of his only friend gives him the opportunity for escape.

He carries with him his friend’s gift: knowledge of the location of an immense fortune, which Edmond plans to retrieve. The Count of Monte Cristo by French author Alexandre Dumas, published 1844, examines Dantes’ actions as he avenges himself on those who had conspired against him.

I first read this book in my early twenties, and fell utterly in love with it. Have you read it? Do you feel the same?

Have a great day, dear reader!

— KRidwyn

4 replies on “30 must-read books – #1”

Still at the top of ur list hey? I remember u recommending it to me about a decade ago!

Hi Mim! Yes, you bet. And… I’m guessing you’ve been too busy still?!! 😛
Great to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

Oh heck yes! Dantes is the best! I have this gorgeous little pocket copy (vol 2 only, unfortunately) Have you seen the tv show LIFE, with Damien Lewis? It’s a modern Monte Cristo, and my favourite Monte Cristo thing apart from the book.

Hi WR! Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment! Yes, I remember that we’d spoken about our love for CoMC a little while ago. But no, I hadn’t heard of LIFE. I’ll have to check it out – thanks!

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