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From alphabets to Shakespearean misquotes… [updated version]

There are just three days left until the international A to Z blogging challenge commences. From what I can gather, participants publish a ‘theme reveal’ blog post… so here’s mine!

My plan – as it stands – is to write a story. Starting with a mad dash through a marketplace, the main character pursued by three unsavoury types, their uniforms bristling with weaponry, their presence enough to strike terror into the marketgoers, traders and customers alike. Where to from there? Well, I’ll misquote with the best of them and exhort you to “read on, Macduff”!

[update: March 31 … has changed. The story which started with a mad dash through the marketplace etc etc etc was dark, and getting darker the more that came out. And the more that made it out onto the page, the uneasier I became. Because although I *can* write stuff like that – the story is based on a teenage girl who develops Stockholm Syndrome, so she experiences quite a bit of stuff that is at least M-rated – I’m not particularly comfortable in publishing such on this blog.

Enter a good friend, yesterday, and her suggestion. Result: a new theme. One which I am FAR more comfortable with!

Thus, a new theme reveal: 26 lessons, from God’s metaphors about himself. Yes, it’s a COMPLETE change of pace. But better to change now than in a week or so, right?]

There will be 26 instalments, each based on a letter of the alphabet, in order. This Friday and Saturday will be ‘A’ and ‘B, then next Monday ‘C’, and so on. We don’t post on Sundays.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy them! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments 🙂