Flash fiction contest

I caught a tweet this afternoon, leading to a flash fiction contest on Janet Reid’s blog.

100 words, and must include the words: agent, paradise, armada, amy and toast. And these words may be included in other words eg. ‘amy’ can become ‘infamy’.

I’d never done a challenge like this before. It was fun! My take on it:


“Lobster?! Oh darling, you didn’t have to! A steak would have been fine!”

The patient’s insane shrieks grated on my nerves. Our visits here were truly awful. Pa’s room? His  ‘outfit’? His ‘aroma’?! My senses reeled every time.

In hospital after his operation, he’d been fine. Sitting up, a drip in his arm. A day later, and he’d had a massive stroke. He’d recovered. His memory hadn’t.

11pm. Police at the door.

“Grandpa? Rad. I see you’ve found him. Again.”

Mum crying.

But now? This. It wouldn’t take much. Just a gentle push, during our evening walk across the bridge.


So – comments, anyone?

If not – have a lovely day, dear reader!!!

— KRidwyn