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Procrastination can be a wonderful thing?!

So I’m assignmenting at the moment. A pretty huge one, due Tuesday of next week, but apparently I’m now going away for the whole of next weekend (read: leave Friday midday, return home Monday afternoon) so that means that said assignment will need to be in by Thursday of this week. And seeing as it’s currently 9.07pm on the Sunday before, that’s in just four days. Almost countable in hours. Arrgghhh!!!

And as I was busy rushing between emails and Word docs and Facebook and Blackboard and YouTube and several other things, I noticed a notification disappear off the side of my screen. As in, it had been there but I hadn’t noticed it til it disappeared. A vague feeling that it was blue and white made me think it might have been a tweet – cue checking of twitter for the first time in probably a month. Nothing jumps out – but then I notice tweets in my stream with the hashtag #blogJune. “Oh crap! That’s today?!!!” Ummm…… yup. And yes, that *was* something that I had earmarked for myself to do this year. If only to give myself the impetus to get some kind of writing mojo back up and potentially happening again. Or something. Yeh – like I need yet another challenge in my life, Ceridwyn! Yes, I *am* going to go and get my head examined one day – I promise!

So here I am. Cringing at adding anything to this blog while it’s STILL looking nowhere near like I’d like it to (another promise to myself that I’ve yet to keep) but today has just a few hours left in it, and I *know* that #blogJune is something that I really really really really want to do again this year – if only to reassure myself that I *can* do this ‘crazy life’ bit AND fit in a little something for myself at the same time. Cos that’s what #blogJune is to me. Something for me. For Ceridwyn. Not for Hubby, for kids, for job number one or job number two or for uni or for house or friends or ANYTHING else. It’s just for ME. Something that I enjoy. Something that – if only just during this month! – makes me realise that I *can* still have an online life, although circumstances seem to delight in keeping me from it at present. And I can just relax and enjoy that online life that I have. And so yes – my blog looks like crap ATM. And I may (but probably won’t!) get a chance to improve it over the course of June. And so yes – #blogJune has crept up on me without my realising, so I’m behind the 8 ball with zero planning up my sleeve. And so yes, this is the first blog post of what may – what hopefully will! – be thirty of these posts… and I’m excited. I’m actually smiling right now.

Who said that procrastination was a bad thing? The assignment will still be there when I hit ‘publish’. Which I’ll do right after this paragraph, I promise *talks to self*. But at least I’m smiling in anticipation of the next month.

Oh – and that reminds me. I’ll probably need to schedule in some blog reading and commenting time over the next little while. Yay!!!!!


See y’all tomorrow!!!