#blogJune post 18 – naming faces

If you know me IRL, you’d know that I’m the classroom music teacher for a Primary School on Brisbane’s northside. You’d also know that I’m the choir director. You may or may not also know that this is my third time teaching in a Primary School, because I’m High School trained and that’s where I’ve spent the majority of the last 20 years or so in my career.

Being that as it may, when I’ve been in (or in charge of) a music department, arguably my favouritest part (yes, I know. Not a word.) would be the extra-curricular bit. In some schools, this is called the co-curricular bit. What I’m talking about is the non-classroom side of things. The small student groups – music committees, choirs, string ensembles, bands, etc etc etc. The groups of more dedicated students, who are there voluntarily and more committed as a result.

I currently run three choirs at my school. A Junior Chapel Choir for Preppies through to Year 2, a Senior Chapel Choir for Years 3 to 6, and a Performance Choir for auditioned only kids, who go out and represent the school at various events. And who sound amazing, in my own humble opinion LOL.

I love working with them. In getting as much as I possibly can out of them, and seeing how much they love it – the surprise and the pride on their faces when they hear how incredible they sound.

A couple of weeks back, we had our formal photos. Between 40 and 50 kids in each of my Chapel Choir photos, shoulders back and smiling proudly, standing as still as soldiers but laughing at the antics of the photographer who was getting them to all smile at the same time, look in the same direction, etc etc etc. It was great.

What’s not as much fun? Getting the proof back, and having to write, manually, first name and surname on the form, next to almost-100 kids. Realising that every other teacher writes out first name and surname of just their class – less than 30 kids.

Sigh. Best get to it, I guess.

Have a great day, dear reader!