umm… sorry, dear readers…!

So sometimes I write posts for “Hmmm…” ahead of time. As in, if I know I’m going to be too busy, I write two or three posts, and (rather than publishing them all at once) schedule them to be published on future day, at certain times.

That’s how my ‘iPods, iPhones etc’ post went out this morning. And because of the incredibly useful, my post was instantaneously tweeted to my @KRidwyn account, where anyone who follows me could see that I’d tweeted a link to my blog.

It’s a pretty cool system, and generally it works pretty well.

Except, sometimes, you write a post when you’re rather emotional about the topic. And then, when you calm down, you re-read your post & realise that it could actually be offensive to people – which was never my intention. But then – whoops! Too late! You realise that it’s out there, published, and people have been reading it. WHOOPS!!! (times about a billion!)

So. A bit of explanation is probably needed.

Recently I feel as though I have been judged by people for Miss 8 owning her own iPod – and sometimes this ‘judging’ is done by people who have children with DS’s. Recently I also discovered that a family I know, with children younger than mine, gave iPad2’s to each child for last Christmas – and one of the children has a TV &Wii console in their bedroom.

I guess I felt that I needed to vindicate myself. I don’t think that I have gone ‘overboard’ with my children and their electrical devices. Only one of my children has an iPod, and my middle child is very well aware that she’ll need around a year 1 reading level to ‘earn’ one for herself. To her credit, she doesn’t start Prep until this Tuesday coming, if she keeps up the daily ‘reading practice’ that she’s been doing ever since Miss 8 got one, she’ll probably earn it sometime during Semester 2 this year, that’s how far ahead she is because of how motivated she is. We also had a Playstation 2 (given to us as a hand-me-down a few years ago) and only became Wii owners two weeks ago – and the kids are also well aware that the Wii was bought as a birthday present for all three of them for their 2013 birthdays – because the playstation was on its last legs, and Mr 3 keeps eating or throwing the remote controls, and it’s not really worth buying new remotes because the games themselves are scratched.

So – even though I *have* spent money on what some – maybe ‘many’ – consider a ‘grown up’ device, I feel as though I can justify this because I have NOT spent money on other commonly purchased electronic devices like DS’s, and as I believe that the iPod has a greater longevity due to its superior functionality.

Okay. That’s my rant done.

I apologise if I offended anyone earlier. It wasn’t intentional!


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Yes, I can still edit my posts – in fact, I’ll often change the typos if I (or someone else – yes, Jo, I’m looking at you) picks them up. But if I add something to a post, I’ll generally add it at the end, with the sub-heading ‘Edit’ or ‘Update’ or similar. And yes, posting in advance helps with time management – *if* you get the time to write them in the first place LOL! 🙂

Hope you didn’t think I was offended by your posts with my Twitter replies this morning. Twas only sharing my thoughts and experiences with my child and those I’ve had in the library. If I had the funds then I would purchase an iPod but would also need to learn how to interact with ‘I’. But at this point I can only afford 2nd hand ds for Miss A. If anything I’d love an iPad or iPod of my own but will be content with work provided tablet.

No, I wasn’t offended, not in the slightest! But your tweets DID make me realise that there were probably other parents out there. for whom my opinions *were* rather offensive, so I was writing to those people (if, indeed, I have any such LOL!) – and sorry for the late reply, this is my first time back visiting Hmmm… for what feels like an ETERNITY!!!

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