Autism Quote Number 3

Do *you* know what to “look” for?


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You know, our Miss 4 has been acting so strangely lately. We have actually wondered whether she has some ASD tendencies… After reading this, I really don’t think she does. But, I am prompted to start the process of finding out if there is any underlying things to explain her unusual behaviours. Thanks for posting things like this, as scary as it is to be faced with the prospect of Autism, it is nice to have VISUALS on SOME of the things to look out for.

Praying that answers come to you and you and your little one find a solid path through this. I have worked with many kids on the spectrum or with Autism, it is not always an easy one {if I can state the obvious!}.

Sharing information for others is a wonderful thing to do. Good job!

Thanks for reading my post, B – and for your comments! I pray that you might also find out quickly what’s going on with your Miss 4… the ‘not knowing’ can be more traumatic to deal with than the eventual diagnosis! 🙂

oh wow, you shared a comment on my post on the facebook page young mums of brisbane, the photo above jsut about has my daughter to a sum, apart from her being very advanced in her speech development (20 months talking like an adult) im definatly going to keep an eye on it though! thank you so much for sharing

Hi Kylie, Yes – it was only after I looked at this list that I could say to myself ‘yes, yes, yes, yes, yes’ etc to most of the things on the list. And everyone on the autism spectrum presents DIFFERENTLY, so it doesn’t surprise me that your daughter is super-advanced in one or more areas. I have a feeling that most autistic children are super-advanced in one area. So I don’t want to scare you, but if your daughter has several of these ‘signs’, I would definitely encourage you to mention it to the doctor when you next take her, and see if he / she recommends you take her to a Paediatrician. because seriously, I can’t emphasize this enough – the sooner the diagnosis, the more she can be helped. Anyway, I hope that this helps, and if I can help more, just let me know!

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