Reality blues meme

Thanks to @jobeaz for inspiring this post.

What I would like to be doing:

1. relaxing

2. writing

3. re-arranging my home to suit my current family life, rather than the family life I like to think I have

4. enjoying being with my kids

5. reading a book while sitting in the sun

What I am doing instead:

1. worrying about money (well, lack of it, actually)

2. yelling at my kids when they interrupt my sitting in front of my gorgeous Macbook Pro, in the sun

3. listening to the birds, and the breeze through the trees (man, it’s wonderful living in paradise)

4. thinking that I may have to get up soon and fix some lunch. And then maybe think about doing some marketing work that I said I’d do today.

5. preparing to console Miss 3, who’s currently on the losing end of an argument with Miss 6 in the sandpit. This could get sandy. I should maybe think about running a bath for them as well (refer number 4)

… actually, I may be one of the fortunate ones, whose “What I would like to be doing” isn’t too far from the ” what I actually am doing”. Thank you, Lord, for that revelation!