So I finally decided: the iPhone X(R). The first night, I fully charged it before switching to flight mode (with one brother in New York and the other in London, if I don’t use flight mode each night, I sleep with the risk of Viber pings waking me). But I didn’t leave it charging. The following morning, it was on 99%! If I’d left my 6S off charge for that long (6 hours-ish) it’d be as dead as a doornail.

But the new phone is taking a while to get used to. Lucky I have Master9 on my lock screen to keep me cheerful as I navigate this similar-yet-different phone ownership experience…

Have a cheerful week yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

It’s new kitchen day!

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I wrote a little while back about getting extensions done to my house. Well, that’s still on the cards – but while we’re waiting for plans / architects / builders / quotes / soil test results / council etc etc etc, I’ve made a start (never one to wait – that’s me! Impatience with a capital IM) and decided to make changes to my kitchen.

A good friend, who I thought was a cabinetmaker, actually turned out to be a kitchen installer in the US several years ago, so he’s been building me a new one. And he completely ‘gets’ my ‘limited budget’ attitude, while still finding quality materials and products. Which is AWESOME! Sa far, I’ve had a couple of metres of bench space removed (which sounds crazy, I know, but it was just a dumping ground for ‘stuff’ – and it’s removal has opened up the whole house) and 8 upper cabinets installed, which look fantastic at the moment, and will look incredible when ┬áthe doors are added too!

But today is ‘gut the lower cabinets, pop off the old tile splashback, and start installing the lower cabinets day’. Which will be HUGE. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they look like – and to having a kitchen with a working stove/oven again!!! (it’s been weird looking at an empty space where my stand-alone gas stove/oven used to be for the past week! Plus, it’s been even more difficult to get inspired about making the dinner for some strange reason!)

So. Huge day. Here’s hoping that you have a great day too, dear reader!