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#blogJune day8

It was back in early March when my older brother told me about Dr John Campbell, a retired British nurse educator who was analysing the COVID19 pandemic in daily YouTube updates. My brother waxed lyrical on how good Dr John was, so I checked it out when I found the time.

And I was an instant conversion. March 8 was the first video I watched, and WHOA it was good! Simple, clear, factual information that like of which we weren’t getting from politicians or news media alike. And haven’t since, I must admit.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, check it out. IMHO, it’s worth your while!

And have a safe day today, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn


#blogJune day7

Today’s my birthday – my 46th loop around the sun.

Hip hip


Here’s hoping you might also find something to celebrate, dear Reader!

– KRIdwyn

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#blogJune day 6

Snakes became a problem earlier this year for us: we lost a couple of budgies in our aviary and Miss15 was devastated. I wasn’t much better: the time and energy that had gone into making that thing escape-proof and snake proof! Very frustrating.

So: more money outlaid and we became the proud owners of a couple of snake repellers.

They’re in the ground, buzzing away intermittently, near the corners on opposite sides. And they seem to be working. Miss15 however, is convinced that soon the birds will start imitating the sounds!

I’m not really caring. We haven’t lost a bird to a snake since, and the escape-proof bit seems to be working too, which is good. That cubby-house removal, so a decent roof could be put on, was intense!

And I wanted one more thing to add, before I was completely happy with it. On the houseboats nearby, it’s clear that the ones with owl statues on their roofs keep the bird life away. So a few weeks ago I bought one: just $10 and hopefully it would clear the area of Indian Mynahs and other smaller birds, which can be a nuisance when we have babies.

I installed it on top of the swing nearby, dubbed him Oscar, and sat back, proud. He’s a good looking thing, wouldn’t you agree?

I had to laugh though, when a magpie perched near him just the other day! Pity I couldn’t take a photo – I was too far away 🙁

Well, have a laugh-filled day yourself, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn


#blogJune day 5

It’s started getting cold here, and regular Readers of this blog may remember I don’t do well in the cold. My athsma plays up: less sunlight equaling less vitamin D equaling a weaker immune system, I guess.

This year, however, I’ve been more healthy than usual. And I put a large part of that down to Hubby. He has a bit of a citrus obsession, you see.

Every Saturday morning he heads to the local fruit market and stocks up on our fruit and veg for the coming week… and citrus forms quite a significant portion of that purchase. He then juices said citrus each morning: about 1.5L for him and 300ml for me. (Yes, he likes his juice!)

It started with just oranges. Then he started adding lemon, and grapefruit on occasion. And I would raise an eyebrow at the cost of it all.

Eyebrow raise no longer. Check out this year’s addition: homegrown!

And they’re beautiful 🙂

Here’s wishing you a fruitful day too, dear Reader – and a safe one, as well.

– KRidwyn

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#blogJune day 4

When I first started my current position in July 2019, I was lucky enough to inherit two and a half extra-large containers worth of LEGO. And, of course, the obligatory paraphernalia which always gets dumped in LEGO containers. You know: Connect4 counters; marbles; dinosaurs; assorted playing pieces from various board games; matchbox cars; domino tiles; the odd ear or tongue or feet from a Mr Potato Head; and so on. The containers were rarely used, because when my younger students would dig around looking for pieces they wanted, they’d give up, disappointed.

Fast forward to Term One 2020. My cherubs and I watched LEGOMasters Season One (from 2019) and seemed keen to watch Season Two. So over the Easter school holidays, I lugged home the two and a half extra-large containers, and also purchased a couple of 4-drawer wheeled trolleys, so we could start organising it all.

It took several looooong weeks! But we kept at it, and when the kids tired of sorting, I soldiered on, and finally all the LEGO was sorted. I’ll have to post the photo of the fantastic looking trolleys sometime. But the first ever LEGO photo has to be this:

because it’s something my father made when he first visited, post-COVID19. He and Master11 sat together, building and playing, and it was a lovely sight to see 🙂

Anyway, that’s my LEGO story. Do you have one, dear Reader?

And that’s it from me. Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!

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#blogJune day 3

I’m 45, and have three cherubs aged 15, 12 and 11. Miss15 and I have been breeding budgies for just over a year now. And this little guy, Jack, is the one she is spending her time training.

He’s just over 6 months and his speaking is amazing! He’s my little grand-budgie and I love him. Just check out how intelligent his eyes are 🙂

Have a intelligence-ful day yourself, dear Reader!

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#blogJune day 2

So yesterday I mentioned I’d been reading. Some context:

Last Friday was a public holiday for me – but not Hubby or the cherubs, because their schools are in different areas to mine. And so I dropped Miss15 and Miss12 off, and went shopping for a couple of things I needed. While there, I noticed THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES on special. Miss12 is currently reading MOCKINGJAY, so I had to get it.

I was only planning on reading the first chapter or two.

After a while, I looked up to realise not only had I missed lunch, but it was also nearly time to go collect the girls! Sigh.

So: what was the last book to capture your attention? And do you plan to read today?

And – see you tomorrow, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

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And… it’s #blogJune time!

Well, what a difference 12 months make!

May 31, 2019: I was employed as Head of Middle School at a local private school. I was stressed, exhausted and a fortnight away – although I didn’t know it! – from being made redundant. Man, am I glad I didn’t play along with #blogJune last year!

May 31, 2020: I’m employed as Teacher Librarian (and also Head of House) at a different local private school. I’m not stressed – in spite of tumultuous changes in schools because of COVID-19 – and I’m not exhausted – again, even though I’ve been working dozens and dozens of extra hours in both the school and Library areas of my job.

And these past few days, I’ve even managed to get back to writing again!

Not to mention some reading… but I’ll leave that for tomorrow. Have a great day, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn


My thoughts exactly…

I think one of the reasons I stopped writing for those several weeks is because me – a writer! – couldn’t put into words what I thought and how I felt. Sigh.

But my aunt wrote a poem, and reading it just this morning made me realise that *this* is exactly what I’ve been thinking. So I wanted to share it with you, dear Reader. My aunt, a retiree in New Zealand who spent many years of her life as a missionary in Egypt, wrote this on her own response to the COVID-19 lockdown:


eThoughts  during the Coronavirus Lockdown:     (Jeanette  Grimmer,   10  May, 2020)

A computer interview I lately came upon

Intrigued me as I learned that  John Lennox, Oxford don,

Has in his timely  book  a certain stance unfurled:

Asking  “Where is God in a coronavirus world?”


As  all nations  face the coronavirus running rife

With  no cure yet to keep it from destroying life

We fear, we see our weakness, our mortality,

And think anew on life, its end,  and how it’s meant to be.


Some surely  will react to this disaster of our day

As the suffering of millions cannot be explained away,

By saying that  if a mighty,  caring God did this allow;

Then faith that God exists is utmost  foolishness,  and how!


Some religious folk see our crisis as a judgment from God’s hand

And seek out  evidence to prove these events are as he planned;

Say  our rebellious deeds have angered God to such extent

That  our coronavirus chaos is on sin his punishment.


Yet  while Lennox understands why some men hold these views

He makes it plain that as a Christian he chooses to refuse

To  react in either way,  for as he understands  the Holy Book,

The words  and  life of Jesus Christ  afford  a whole new look.


For when Jesus Christ was told of the Galileans Pilate killed

He asked if people thought  their death a judgment that God willed

Because compared with others their sinful deeds were worse,

Then  stated  clearly that in fact the truth was the converse.


And Luke records that Jesus chose to question them as well

About  the eighteen  folk who died when  Siloam Tower fell:

“Do you think they were more  guilty than others in Jerusalem?

I tell you, no!  But now repent, or else you’ll die like them.”


To Jesus tragic life events  were not a punishment God  sent

On  certain wicked men, but  these may  urge us to repent

Since each of us will one day God’s  judgment have to face

And we who have repented will  receive abundant grace.


If indeed God loves us, how do we suffering explain?

It is a mystery, and yet we trust He’s  with us in our pain,

Jesus suffered on the Cross,  He died for me to  live forgiven

Therefore I trust my Father God  whose love draws me to heaven.



Isn’t it beautiful! I love it. And I love her – and am so glad she allowed me to share it on here with you 🙂

Have a trust-filled week yourself, dear Reader.

  • KRidwyn
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Returning you to your regular program…?

Possibly, that is. After all, it was March 9 when I last posted. Nine weeks ago. And that’s pretty sad.

But then again, the world is certainly a much sadder place than it was nine weeks ago. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a hard time writing. Surviving-with-sanity-mostly-intact in this new world we’re inhabiting has been more of the order of the day.

Having said that though, I have good news. My baby budgie (well, born almost a year ago now) became a Mum just over a month ago. Making me a legit-grandma!

We couldn’t keep the baby though, for a variety of reasons, so I listed him on Gumtree yesterday morning… and he sold within 7 hours! Crazy…

Well, off into the week we go. Hope it’s a ‘sane’ one for you, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn