KRidwynWell, my name’s Ceridwyn Bloxham.

Yes, I know. Wha – huh??

It’s pronounced ‘k – RID -win’, hence my online handle KRidwyn.

Yes, it’s Welsh. My father’s from Cardiff. Yes, it’s got the boy’s spelling. And no, I’m not a boy. I’m a wife, and mum to three gorgeous cherubs, so yeh, not a boy.

Other stuff about me:

– I’m a keen writer, with my first novel in the almost-finished-editing stage, and plans to start the whole querying – agent – publication process in the not-too-distant future. Because I believe in the traditional publishing world, and having been a marketer in the not-too-distant past, am fully convinced of the incredible value that will always remain in this arena, compared to the self-publishing one;

– I’m Head of Middle School at Caloundra Christian College (and LOVE it!);

– I’m a qualified Librarian – or, as my brothers say, someday someone will pay me to say ‘shush’ lots. Yup. That’s their humour for you;

– I prefer Apple products to not-Apple products;

– I drive a 6 cylinder car; I like how fast it goes. I also have a motorbike license 🙂

– I no longer look like the photo on this page, due to shaving my head in 2014 for World’s Greatest Shave. But my hair’s currently at the I-hate-how-this-looks stage, so I’ll be sticking with this photo for the time being, thank you very much!

– I prefer twitter to Facebook; and

– Every Wednesday evening (Sunshine Coast time) for the foreseeable future, I’ll be joining in the Writing Race run through Facebook, hosted by @AWMonline. They’re brilliant!

You can also find me on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter (@KRidwyn), Google plus, and the other major social networks, too, if you like. With a name as unique as mine, I’m not really that difficult to find…

And thanks for dropping by!

– KRidwyn